3D printing for Aviation

Weight reduction and durability improvement
Examples of aircraft parts printed in 3D technology
Service tools
Parts used in aircraft engines
Elements for the passenger compartment (e.g. luggage compartment lid or seat tray)
Final product (drone housing)
Civil, military and space industries

Thanks to 3D printers - constantly changing transport conditions used in aviation can be adapted with a significant minimization of costs. 3D printing has expanded the possibilities, creativity of designers and service or production services, which using this technology become faster, more precise and at the same time more flexible, creative and cheaper.

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Benefits of using 3D printing in aviation

Thanks to the popularization and development of 3D printing - which is currently available to a wide range of private and institutional consumers - it has significantly influenced the development of model making. Thanks to high-resolution printers - models of e.g. aircraft, become perfect in details - and the possibility of using ever newer and stronger raw materials means, e.g. printing a strong drone housing - is not complicated.

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