Impression 3D Design industriel

Une technologie innovante qui permet le prototypage rapide des projets
How 3D printing optimize the furniture design process?
Verifies project weaknesses
The ability to print and test several versions of the project
Low production costs
A solution that meets the strength requirements and allows for error-free reproduction of the 3D object in reality
The possibilities of 3D printing in design industry

Industrial design could not exist without prototypes, through which we have a chance to check in real conditions what previously was presented only on a computer screen. Before we begin the complex and process-long production process of a given product, it is of great importance how we carry out the prototyping process. Determining the ergonomics, functionality of the project and the impressions accompanying the reception of a given product are very important points of the designer work.

Design projects available through 3D printers are a chance to experiment with form and usability. 3D printing is characterized by speed and low cost of production, thanks to which verifying projects on a 1: 1 scale is a profitable part of working on new models. In the pattern created in this way, you can easily find any structural errors or omissions, and thus - make changes that will affect the final acceptance of the final product.
With a fully functional or working prototype in your hands, it's easier to assess how it will be behaved in the environment, what its impact on the environment will be and how its interaction with users will look like.

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