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3D printer for beginners OmniSTART (PLA-36 0,5kg GRATIS)

922,50 VAT


Easy to use desktop 3D printer designed for customers who are just starting their adventure with 3D printing

PLA-36 500g filament FREE!

ABS Fusion+

49,20 VAT

ABS Fusion+ characterized by increased temperature, chemical and mechanical resistance.

ABS-42 (1kg/3kg)

37,97113,92 VAT

ABS-42 universal material, characterized by durability and high mechanical strength.

ASA-39 1kg

61,50 VAT

High temperature resistance allows you to test models in direct sunlight without the risk of deformation or discoloration

Cable to Extruder unit (OmniSTART / Omni200)

14,13 VAT

Cable to Extruder unit for OmniSTART / Omni200 3D printers

CF PA-12 1kg

116,85 VAT

A composite material enhanced with carbon fibre, which has found its use in 3D printing.

Dimafix 400 ml – spray adhesive for 3D printers

17,22 VAT

Adhesive agent designed for 3D printers that have a heated table.

Extruder gear brass for 3D printers

4,13 VAT

Extruder gear – brass
Compatible with models: OmniSTART / Omni200 / Omni200 CF

Extruder gear steel for 3D printers

6,31 VAT

Extruder gear – steel
Compatible with models: OmniSTART / Omni200 / Omni200 CF