Omni500 LITE

  • Build volume 460 x 460 x 500
  • 2 extruders with filament presence sensor
  • Printer management by website
  • Printer farm management
  • Automatic platform calibration


  • Aluminium extruder
  • 260°C – maximum temperature of the extruder
  • Convenient printout removal
  • Metal housing construction


Start your adventure with 3D printing!

The printer is designed for both beginners and advanced users:

  • reliable
  • repeatable and precise prints
  • easy to use
  • take it out of the box and print!

Available from March 2021

Explore the possibilities
of 3D printing.
A growing industry still needs innovation. It is looking for new solutions, revolutionary technologies and innovative ideas. The modern answer to these needs is industrial 3D printing.

Industrial 3D printers are designed to print strong, precise and mechanically, thermally and chemically resistant models of large dimensions. This is what the modern industry requires and Omni3D responds to these needs.


Pre-implementation audit

Return on investment, analysis of opportunities, setting goals for change



Warranty for 6, 12 or 24 months depending on the selected package



We provide training tailored to your level of expertise.


Service support

We offer our knowledge and experience.

Discover the latest
The printer is designed for customers who expect a higher standard of print process management and work on demanding materials.
3D Sklep Omni3D

Fully automatic machine calibration

These are just a selection of the features that optimize your workflow, allowing you to complete 3D prints quickly, efficiently and effectively.

3D Sklep Omni3D

Remote camera supervision

You can observe the progress of the printout on a remote preview in a panel on the website.

3D Sklep Omni3D

Dual Head

with lift-when-insctive system and with filament flow sensor.
Optionally high-temperature head to 500°C.

3D Sklep Omni3D

Printer farm management

The possibility of remotely building and managing a printer set. The printer can be managed through a dedicated web page, so you can easily start printing and control the process remotely.

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