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ABS Fusion+

49,2049,62 VAT

ABS Fusion+ characterized by increased temperature, chemical and mechanical resistance.

ABS-42 (1kg/3kg)

26,7477,54 VAT

ABS-42 universal material, characterized by durability and high mechanical strength.

ASA-39 1kg

61,50 VAT

High temperature resistance allows you to test models in direct sunlight without the risk of deformation or discoloration

CF PA-12 1kg

116,85 VAT

A composite material enhanced with carbon fibre, which has found its use in 3D printing.

Dimafix 400 ml – spray adhesive for 3D printers

17,22 VAT

Adhesive agent designed for 3D printers that have a heated table.


30,7593,78 VAT

Used as both support material and material suitable for 3D printing

ODS Solve removal agent

22,2448,23 VAT

Mild alkaline solution, dissolving supports


55,3555,83 VAT

PA-12 a versatile material with very high strength

PA-6/66 HD

52,8953,34 VAT

It is characterized by hardness, elasticity and springiness.


45,51 VAT

Filament of high mechanical and temperature resistance, guaranteeing durability and stability of the printout


266,72 VAT

Material with very high mechanical, chemical and temperature resistance