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High-temperature head module Omni500 LITE

492,00 VAT

High Temperature Head Module – Omni 500 LITE

Head module type: HT

High-temperature hotend OmniSTART / Omni200

160,63 VAT

HT head complete
Compatible with models: OmniSTART / Omni200 / Omni200 CF

Hotend teflon tube OmniSTART / Omni200

0,49 VAT

Hotend teflon tube
compatible with Omni START / Omni200 / Omni200 (CF) 

LCD display for Factory 2.0

282,90 VAT

LCD screen for controlling the Factory 2.0 3D printer

Magnetic bulidplate for 3D printers

14,38 VAT

Magnetic buildplate for desktop 3D printers from Omni3D
Compatible with models: OmniSTART / Omni200 / Omni200 CF

Main PCB (OmniSTART /Omni200)

209,38 VAT

Main electronics PCB compatible with OmniSTART / Omni200 3D printers

Nozzle 0.4/0.6 brass

7,07 VAT

Brass Nozzle OmniSTART / Omni200 / Omni200 (CF)
Diameter 0.4 / o.6 mm

Protective gloves

3,69 VAT

Thermal protective gloves against burns.