3D printing for Medicine

3D printing technology for medicine
The use of 3D printers in medicine
Adaptation to the individual needs of patients
Risk reduction due to analysis of anatomical models
Educational support
Pre-surgery planning

3D printing is a technique that, thanks to its properties, supports medicine in a wider range. It is used at the stage of preparation for surgery - precisely printed models, e.g. of the spine, allow you to perform a surgical analysis, reducing the risk of mistakes during the operation. 3D printing also means school and academic aids - models of organs whose low-series production using traditional methods would be unprofitable. 3D printers change this situation.

Possibility to prepare patient's anatomical model to examine or use to simulate surgery. The use of 3D printed models for surgical training is preferred as an alternative to laboratory training. Neuroanatomical models printed in 3D can be particularly helpful for neurosurgeons because they provide the representation of the most complex structures in the human body, which is necessary to make the correct diagnosis and prepare for surgery.

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