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L’impression 3D dans la production des éléments finaux de la voiture partie 2

The PRz Racing Team decided to use elements printed on a 3D printer when building their car. The task of Omni3D was to print an element that would be adapted to the requirements of racing cars. The gear mount is a geometrically complex printout for the student formula car.


The PRZ Racing Team entrusted us with a geometrically complex 3D printout of gear mount to the formula student racing car.

Description of the problem

The task of Omni3D was to print an element that would be adapted to the requirements of racing cars. The selected material had to be characterized by high material strength and abrasion resistance. Due to the transmitted axial loads on the steering gear, the 3D printout was of an extremely complex geometric shape.


On our Factory 2.0 NET 3D printer, we have printed a gear mounting model that meets the strength requirements.
The first tests of PRZ Racing Team confirmed that the 3D printout withstands dynamic and axial loads. The CF-PA-12 material used is a composite with a matrix made of polyamide 12 reinforced with carbon fibers, ensuring greater durability of the printed elements. ODS-20 support material is an acrylate-based polymer blend that is soluble in the ODS Solve Removal Agent alkaline solution. As a result, printed models are less sensitive to moisture and have a longer shelf life and quality over time.


Thanks to the freedom of geometric changes, we have created a model that meets the highest endurance requirements of a racing car while reducing the weight of the final element. The 3D printed gear mount is 1 kg lighter than traditionally made of aluminum. 3D printing turned out to be the fastest and most profitable choice in the production of final parts for the new PRZ Racing Car-03.

Print specification

CLIENTPRz Racing Team
CATEGORYPrototyping, low-volume production, final product
PRINT TIME25h 39 min
SIZE365 x 77 x 60 mm

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