Privacy Policy

I. Definitions

The hereunder given terms shall have the following exclusive meaning:

Administrator – entity administering personal data of the 1.1. Service Users: OMNI3D spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with registered seat in Poznań (61-119, address: Świętego Michała 43, entered under 0000464678 to commercial register conducted by the District Court in Poznań – VIII Commercial Department, tax ID: 7831700117, national statistical numer (REGON): 302451039, nominal share capital: 133 100 PLN, e-mail:

Service – online Service conducted via website and its subsites.

User – a natural person using the Service, who had filled the contact form or had signed up for a newsletter, expressing consent for processing of her/his data pursuant to the law on data protection (Dz.U. z 2014 poz 1182 i poz. 1662, further UODO) and law on Internet services (Dz. Dz.U. z 2013 poz.1422), laws further referred to as the Statute. The User has unlimited right of checking, amending and removing the data s/he had provided. The data are used only and solely for purposes of rendering and adjustment of the online Service, unless User’s overt consent for other form of use is overtly expressed.

Cookies – digital data, especially text files stored on User’s pc and used for website content adjustment. Cookie file name contains name of the website, storage term and a unique number.

II. Newsletter.

1. Administrator offers newsletter subscription in order to inform the User about goods and services provided by the Administrator, which includes informative and marketing content, as well as technical remarks.

2. Newsletter subscription requires providing of User’s e-mail address in a relevant box on the main site or one of the subsites, confirmation of Privacy Policy acknowledgment, as well, as completing the application form. Filing newsletter application requires confirmation of:

a) acknowledgment and acceptance of Administrator’s Privacy Policy

b) consent for reception of marketing and other website-related content on the provided e-mail box.

Having provided the above, User receives an e-mail with activation link which opening serves as final subscription confirmation.

III. Data processing of the Newsletter subscribers.

1. User data (e-mail) of newsletter subscribers are administered by the Data Administrator as defined in UODO.

2. User data are processed pursuant to and within the scope of User’s consent and relevant legal provisions, the Statute in particular. User data are amassed as a distinct database stored separately on a server as a special protection zone.

3. Each User who had imparted her/his personal data is allowed full access to and removal or modification of the data. Data is provided by the User only pursuant to the Latter’s full consent.

4. Administrator is not allowed any form of User data disclosure or vendition without consent of the User. Notwithstanding the above, User data may be subjected to mandatory disclosure in front of relevant State Organs pursuant to statutory provisions of the Republic of Poland. Administrator may entrust User data to a qualified third party pursuant to the provisions of UODO.

IV. Cookie Policy

1. The Service uses no automatic data procurement other than Cookie files.

2. Cookies are placed on the User’s pc by the Administrator and accessed by the latter.

3. Cookie files are used for:

a) adjustment of website content to User preferences and optimising use of the website through recognition of User’s pc and responding with adequate content;

b) carrying data for statistical analysis of Users’ behaviour and expectations in pursuit of improving website structure and contents.

4. The Service uses two main Cookie types: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session Cookies are stored on User’s pc until logout, closing of a website or closing of a browser. Persistent Cookies are stored on User’s pc for a time period determined by inherent settings, unless Cookies are removed by the User.

5. Cookie storage on User’s PC is often permitted by standard settings of a browser. These settings may be altered by the User at any time, especially through removal of automatic cookie management or cookie detection notices activation. Details are provided in browser settings.

6. Administrator’s note: browser cookie limits/restrictions may influence or hinder some of the website functionalities.

7. HTTP cookie/cookies files stored on a User’s computer may be used by advertisers and other marketing partners of Data Administrator – pursuant to consent expressed by the User.