The 3D printer is designed for smaller prints,
for customers requiring simple and quick operation of the machine
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The extruder is from aluminium
The extruder is made entirely of high quality aluminium, whereby its action is more stable and more accurate.
Nozzle temperature
The maximum operating temperature of the extruder up to 260°C, which allows you to print the majority of commercially available types filamentu. Modular design of extruder allows easy dismantling of the radiator and the nozzlethat makes cleaning easier.
Easy removal of printouts
On the table surface for printing is inserted a removable, magnetic pad. Due to its high flexibility it is very easy to remove the prints after completion of work. This operation requires no additional tools.
Full metal body construction
Made of alloy aluminum housing of the printer ensures that the device stability and help prevent camera shake even when printing at a speed up to 100 mm/sec. Thus, even when high speed operation is possible to provide high quality and precision printing.
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The benefits of working with us

Pre-implementation audit
Return on investment and cost-benefit analysis
We assist you in the process of implementing of a 3D printer in your company.
We conduct training tailored to your level of advancement

Print proof

Make a proof print of your model and check the print quality!

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Technical specification of the Omni200

Technical data
Build volume XYZ 200 x 200 x 150 mm
Nozzle diameter 0,4 mm
Max. printing speed up 100 mm/s
Filament diameter 1,75 mm
Technical data
Max. head temperature max. 260 °C
Max. platform temperature 100 °C
Mode of operation: SD Card
Compatible files AMF, STL, OBJ, G-Code

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