3D printing in automotive

Optimization of production time and costs of selected elements

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3D printing in the automotive industry is important to increase efficiency in several areas.
Design verification
Tooling assembly and testing
Creating end parts
Creating spare parts
The possibilities of 3D printing in the automotive industry

The possibilities of 3D printing have long been used in the automotive industry at every stage of production - from prototyping, production of spare parts and the final elements themselves. Available materials allow you to print not only light, but also extremely durable elements.
The introduction of 3D printing allows you to optimize the time and cost of production of selected elements, as well as to find problems in projects at an early stage of prototyping - which can be quickly repaired. 3D printing also reduces the loss of materials and ultimately reduces the weight of the vehicle or part of it. Thanks to low-volume production, you can create equipment for special cars, such as ambulances or police vehicles, but also final parts, e.g. for racing cars.

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Benefits of using 3D printing in the automotive industry

3D printing in the automotive industry is of great importance for increasing efficiency in several areas. It works well in prototyping necessary for design verification, assembly and testing of tooling, creating end parts and spare parts for machines - those that are currently not available in the warehouse or whose cost of a single manufacture or purchase is very high.


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