Machine for demanding customers with quick and easy operation
with industrial standards.

Now available in a new release after rebranding and technological changes - for better print quality and user experience!

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Build volume 460 x 460 x 600 mm
You can print large objects or multiple smaller models at once.
2 extruders with filament presence sensor
The machine is equipped with dual heads which make it possible to print on both sides of a fabric during one printout, the main build and the support material.
Printer management by website
The printer can be managed through a dedicated website, so you can easily start printing and control the process remotely.
Printer farm management
The possibility of remotely building and managing a printer set.
Omni3D Web Control™
Remote preview of 3D printout by the camera.
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Omni3D Platform Autoleveling System™
Automatic table leveling system.
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Omni3D Head Leveling Control™
Automatic extruder height control system.
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The benefits of working with us

Pre-implementation audit
Return on investment and cost-benefit analysis
We assist you in the process of implementing of a 3D printer in your company.
We conduct training tailored to your level of advancement.
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Print proof

Make a proof print of your model and check the print quality!

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Technical specification of the Omni LITE

Technical data
Build volume XYZ460 x 460 x 600 mm
Nozzle diameter0,4 mm (optionally 0,6 / 0,8 mm)
Max. printing speed86 cm³/h
Filament diameter1,75 mm
Technical data
Max. head temperature360 °C (optionally 500 °C)
Max. platform temperature150 °C
Max. chamber temperaturedo 50°C
Compatible files.stl, .obj, .3mf, .gcode, .factory

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