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Omni3D Earns NCAGE Code (9BT1H): Boosting Industrial 3D Printing for the Defense Sector

Major news for the defense sector and industrial additive manufacturing! Omni3D has been officially granted the prestigious NCAGE code (9BT1H). This signifies our commitment to delivering top-tier 3D printing solutions that meet the rigorous demands of government contracting.

What is an NCAGE Code and Why Does it Matter?

Issued by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the NCAGE code serves as a unique identifier for businesses supplying goods and services to governments. Holding this code signifies a company’s adherence to strict quality and professionalism standards, granting them access to a vast network of potential clients within the defense sector.

Benefits for Defense Contractors:

  • Increased Government Contract Eligibility: Gain access to a wider range of government contracts in the United States and NATO member countries.
  • Demonstrated Quality & Professionalism: The NCAGE code signifies your dedication to meeting stringent quality requirements, fostering trust with potential defense partners.
  • Enhanced Visibility in the Defense Supply Chain: Inclusion in the NATO supplier database makes your company easily discoverable by key decision-makers, increasing opportunities for collaboration.
  • Meeting Stringent Military Requirements: The defense sector demands robust solutions. The NCAGE code demonstrates your ability to deliver high-quality, professional 3D printing systems that meet these rigorous standards.

Omni3D: Your Trusted Partner in Defense Sector 3D Printing

At Omni3D, we understand the unique needs of the defense industry. That’s why we’ve developed the Omni NOVA, an industrial 3D printer specifically engineered for security environments. The NOVA boasts:

  • Industrial-grade robustness: Built to withstand demanding environments and voltage fluctuations.
  • Exceptional print quality: Delivers precise, functional parts for critical applications.
  • Advanced security features: Ensures the confidentiality of your designs and production processes.
  • Open material system: Compatible with a wide range of materials for diverse defense printing needs.

Partnering with an NCAGE-coded company like Omni3D offers several advantages:

  • Access to cutting-edge 3D printing technology: Leverage additive manufacturing for prototyping, production, and customized equipment within the defense sector.
  • Streamlined government contracting: The NCAGE code simplifies the process of participating in government bids and projects.
  • Enhanced reputation as a global defense partner: Collaboration with a trusted NCAGE-coded supplier strengthens your position in the global defense market.

Ready to propel 3D printing in defense applications?

Contact Omni3D today to learn more about our NCAGE-coded solutions and how the Omni NOVA can empower your next military project!

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