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Category: Case Study, 13.05.2021

3D printing in the production of the final parts of the racing car part 3

PRz Racing Team asked us to print another part for the PMT-03 car. This is the third part printed by Omni3D after the intake manifold and gear mount.


The third element of the car printed on a 3D printer is the joint cover. It is an important element protecting the delicate system of the vehicle, so it must be very well fitted, flexible and resistant to mechanical damage to which it is exposed while driving.

Description of the problem

The task was to print an element that would be adapted to the requirements of racing cars. The selected material had to be characterized by high temperature resistance and flexibility, as well as excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases and weather conditions.


The best solution in this case turned out to be the re-use of 3D printing, which, thanks to low production costs, made it possible to carry out product tests in a short time. Already in the second iteration of the project, the articulation guard turned out to be perfectly suited to the car. The joint covers were printed on an OmniSTART printer using TPU-93A filament. The tests confirmed the design correctness of the element and its efficiency in line with the assumptions. The TPU-93A material used provided the expected flexibility, strength and chemical resistance.


3D printing turned out to be the best choice for the production of final parts for the new PRZ Racing Car. Thanks to the 3D printer, the production time of the elements was shorter by several weeks and about 5-6 thousand zlotys cheaper. The 3D printed joint covers are half lighter than a traditionally made element, and thanks to the freedom of geometry changes, it was possible to create a fully individually tailored product, obtaining the best possible protection of the joints.

Print specification

CLIENTPRz Racing Team
CATEGORYPrototyping, low-volume production, final product
PRINT TIME5h 23 min
WEIGHT2×33 g
SIZE75 x 60 mm

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