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Omni3D rebranding – changes for better quality

Since the beginning of its activity, Omni3D has always strived to meet the growing demands of its users. It will be no different in 2023. For our customers, both current and future, we decided to renew our range of industrial printers. This process lasted for a large part of 2022 - where we conducted dozens of trials, testing market solutions and our know-how to optimize devices to the extent that will allow maximum use of FDM technology.We focused primarily on optimizing the technical and technological aspects of the printers. The changes we made in the devices are aimed at improving the working parameters, directly affecting the quality, speed and stability of printouts.

”We are keeping up with the times. Constantly developing technology imposes a fast pace, to which we, the designers of Omni3D respond dynamically. We are redefining our products to meet the expectations of a changing world. What’s more, we focus not only on improving the performance of the machines, but also on the comfort of use. ” – Radosław Krupka, Constructor in Omni3D

We also decided to change the name of our printers. On the one hand, it will allow distinguishing the previous devices from those produced in the new edition, and on the other hand, it will have a positive effect on their consistent image and brand recognition.

“The problem we are facing now is the brand recognition on the world market. We are delivering on our promise to have these top solutions but still are not recognizable to a wider audience. Besides marketing tools which we have started to use in a regular manner to grow brand awareness, there is also a necessity to equalize brand and product names. We want to aggregate industrial products, both actual ones and new ones. All while also introducing new product lines for the educational sector which are less demanding than industrial grade ones. All products should have the OMNI3D brand.” –  says Paweł Robak, CEO Omni3D.

Below we present the introduced modifications in Omni3D industrial printers.

Omni3D Factory 2.0 – meet Omni NOVA

Factory 2. 0 is our first model of industrial 3D printer, which was created in 2016. Since then, the printer has undergone a modification, but its latest version, i.e. Omni NOVA, is practically a completely changed machine, based on the latest technical solutions.

  • External construction – the printer has undergone a thorough change, visually becoming similar to Factory 2.0 NET.
  • Electronics – the previous version of the printer operated on electronics and components known for many years. Recently, however, we have encountered difficulties in ensuring continuity of supply. Wanting to minimize possible risks and secure the supply of these devices in the future – the electronics were changed to similar to the rest of the equipment. However, this change is not only about security. The electronics from the previous version no longer allowed us to continue development. On the technical side, the use of new electronic components guarantees the continued progress of the product. At the current level – the machine provides higher quality with increased performance.
  • Table and axes – the previous version, designed in 2016, along with minor changes, was used in these printers until 2022. Now we decided to optimize the entire system and introduce a dual-zone heater, which directly translates into increased efficiency and minimizes the risk of undesirable phenomena.

„This standardization and evolution of the product line and brand is in line with what we have come to rely on from Omni3D: designing and building printers that are reliable, durable and deliver consistently better print quality. Knowing the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Omni3D customers, I’m looking forward to the performance of this new line.” – Cyril Liotard, Owner of ERM Automatismes (Omni3D Reseller in France)

We are excited that Omni3D is moving forward with the new branding of their product line. All of our customers who have purchased Omni3D equipment enjoy the high precision and repeatable quality of models that can only be found in machines costing much more. Omni3D’s open materials platform strategy ensures that our customers can stay on top of the latest developments in materials sciences. As a result, they can have lower operating costs. The new branding will help raise awareness so that more users of additive devices can learn about the unique value of these products. Joe Rocca, President DELRAY Systems (Omni3D USA Reseller)

Omni3D Factory 2.0 NET – it’s now Omni TECH

We have made the most changes in this device since the beginning of production, taking it to a new level of technology and addressing user needs.

  • Table – thanks to the use of a dual-zone heater, consistent heating of the table over its entire surface is ensured. This increases adhesion, which results in better reproduction of model geometry and minimization of such occurrences as material shrinkage. Along with the new thicker glass, this gives the possibility of printing large parts and their better adhesion. This has made it possible to significantly increase printing safety and predictability.
  • Head cleaning system – now it is not only a larger container, but most importantly the use of brushes on two levels, which ensures safe cleaning of both heads. 
  • Electrics – the new functionality of the table determines the change of the electrical system, which will be even more safe and stable.
  • X-axis optimization – the X-axis module has been stiffened, thus increasing its stability, reducing the „ghosting” effect and improving the quality of final prints.
  • Printhead detection – the new system reduces printhead failure to a minimum and makes the machine resistant to possible user error by limiting, for example, the maximum temperature to which the printhead can be heated.
  • Improved thermal insulation of the build chamber – improving the thermal insulation of the build chamber from the electronics allows better temperature balance and also reduces the heating time of the working build chamber and allows more efficient cooling of the printer electronics. Combined with the chamber’s heater mode of maintaining a constant temperature – we reduce power consumption and increase the life of the heater itself.
  • USB printing – full integration of USB and SD ports to improve the functionality and user comfort when using the machine.

Omni500 LITE – from now on Omni LITE

The Omni LITE is the printer that has undergone the fewest changes. However, from a print quality perspective, they are significant for the user and his final prints.

  • Table – the machine has been equipped with new glass with increased thickness. This minimizes the risk of material shrinkage while also improving adhesion. The overall design ensures that large parts can be printed across the table without losing their geometry. We have also implemented a dual-zone heater, which directly improves efficiency and reduces the risk of adverse events.
  • Omni3D Air Circulation™ – our own air circulation system has been implemented. The consistent temperature throughout the entire volume of the working build chamber allows for a higher quality of printed parts. By the word „quality” is meant a more accurate reproduction of the geometry, consistent with the three-dimensional model. This is applicable when printing from materials with significant material shrinkage. Uncontrolled drops in ambient temperature cause material curling, bulging, deviation, etc. By equalizing the ambient temperature to the optimal value for the printing material, the unfavourable changes in geometry can be significantly reduced or completely eliminated.

Selecting Omni LITE, Omni NOVA, Omni TECH products, you’re not just choosing a 3D printer – you’re choosing greater control over the entire process , minimizing the risks and costs associated with a failed print.

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