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Omni3D at the ITM Industry Europe trade fair in Poznan

Already on 31 May ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair begins - the largest industrial meeting in this part of Europe, presenting global trends of Industry 4.0 idea. At ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE trade fair the most important are innovations supporting the development of companies and technologies which are the future of the industrial branch - so there can be no lack of industrial 3D printers from Omni3D!

ITM Fair is a chance to learn about the latest technologies in industry, including 3D printing technology, of course. These are solutions that meet the highest durability requirements and allow for flawless reproduction of a 3D object in reality.

3D printing in industry

During the fair, visitors will be able to see how the Factory 2.0 NET 3D printer works – winner of the ITM Gold Medal!

Factory 2.0 NET printer, whose capabilities we will present at the fair is the answer to the needs of modern industry. We want to prove that 3D printing brings measurable benefits in the industry – not only cost savings, but above all, the optimization of the entire production! – says Jacek Krzyżanowski, Key Account Manager Omni3D

Omni3D Factory 2.0 NET is an industrial 3D printer with build volume of 500 x 500 x 570 mm. The printer is equipped with a camera that allows the user to control the printout progress remotely. An additional feature is remote management – via a dedicated website. Thanks to this you can easily start the printout or control its progress remotely.

See what Factory 2.0 NET production looks like at Omni3D:

Benefits of using 3D printing in the industrial sector

With 3D printing technology, we can adjust production lines, verify product dimensions, and make adjustments to the design – and that’s before production even starts.

3D printing represents a huge opportunity for industry by:

  • lower tooling production costs
  • quick access to cheap spare parts
  • shortening of the product realization time

Visit Omni3D:
Pavilion 5 / stand no. 30

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