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Omni500 LITE printer – economical solution from Omni3D

Management by a dedicated website, two extruders with a material presence sensor, a working area enabling printing of large elements – these are only selected functions of the Omni500 LITE printer by Omni3D. Most importantly, its high quality is also followed by an attractive price – this is important information for those who value economic solutions.

Why choose Omni3D?

We have established ourselves as reliable contractors and trustworthy contractors. Our prints have been, among others appreciated during this year’s 3D Printing Days in Kielce. We are constantly looking for better and better solutions and we systematically deal with their implementation. By choosing Omni3D, every customer can be sure that we will not only train the team, but we are ready to answer questions that will certainly appear at the beginning of using an industrial 3D printer.

The golden mean, or why appreciate Omni500 LITE?

Omni500 LITE – this device was created for customers who need simple and quick operation of the machine while maintaining industrial standards. Thanks to interviews with potential customers, we have created a good product at an attractive price.

What should you know about Omni500 LITE?

  • It is still an industrial device that prints large components or several smaller ones at the same time – the working area is 460 x 460 x 600 mm.
  • It has two heads for printing from two materials in one print, i.e. main and support.
  • Can be managed via a dedicated website. Thanks to this solution you can easily start printing and control its progress remotely.
  • Ability to build and remotely manage a set of printers.
  • Allows automatic platform calibration.

The printer will be available from March 2020.
More information on OMNI500 LITE.

Do you want to know more?

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We are happy to answer all your questions.

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