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Category: Knowledge, 15.10.2020

Face shields project from Omni3D

Designed in cooperation with doctors, the improved face shields provides high wearing comfort thanks to the adjustable and lifted visor. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, it can be disinfected entirely with standard agents.

The improved solution concerns a protective shield that is movable, which greatly improved the convenience of wearing this type of equipment for an extended period of time. Another difference is the design of the entire face shield in a way that allows its full decontamination, which allows to reuse it



In contrast to standard solutions, which has elastic material attached, we designed the attachment made of TPU-93A filament, which is also 3D printed – explains Krzysztof Kardach, Chief Technician at Omni3D

Download free project of face shield:

The 20×24 cm front cover provides optimal protection, limiting air flow in the face area. The face shield is designed in universal size and allows to wear glasses simultaneously:

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It is possible to order a printout on demand.

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