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Category: Knowledge, 01.10.2020

Application of 3D printing in maintenance

The 3D printing technology gives a wide range of possibilities to produce elements, spare parts and tools used in the maintenance area. 3D printers can make even the most non-standard and difficult to access elements in a short time, thus saving time and production costs.

3D printing of spare parts

It’s no a secret that 3D printing is used in prototyping in industries such as automotive, aviation, medicine, and increasingly is also used in maintenance, due to the need for efficient replacement of the missing machine component.

3D printing is an excellent opportunity for quick access to spare parts necessary for the operation of a particular machine or even the entire process line. Covers, housings, spare parts, and even custom tools and handles – all this can be produced quickly and at low cost thanks to 3D printing technology.

Production without downtime thanks to 3D printing technology

A production line stoppage can be caused by the failure of a key component of the machine and entails large financial losses. Long waiting time (even up to several weeks) for a spare part does not make the task easier for maintenance managers. The solution is a 3D printer and the ability to quickly print the missing part.
Jacek Krzyżanowski, Omni3D Key Account Manager, talks about examples of such application (a movie with subtitles):

Companies that want to implement 3D printing technology on their production lines can choose from a wide range of industrial 3D printers, but also choose the possibility of 3D printing on demand.
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