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Category: Knowledge, 29.07.2020

Free 3D printing technology audit

According to the Sculpteo 2020 report (The State of 3D printing) published in June, over 60% of companies using 3D printing record a significant reduction in production costs using a 3D printer. It is indicated that in the coming years, 3D printing will play a significant role in production and business, creating a competitive advantage.

Now you can check the possibilities offered by 3D printing technology – conduct a free TEST and see how 3D printing can reduce production time and reduce costs in your company!


3D printing technology is conquering the market, opening up new possibilities in the case of prototyping, creating spare and final parts. 3D printing has become a permanent element in the production of the automotive, aviation and medical industries and is increasingly used in the food industry. It allows you to create the most complex models and implement difficult projects faster than it was previously imagined – Omni3D projects show: 3D printing allows you to save up to 90% of costs and 80% of time!

Benefits of industrial 3D printing: 3D printing supports the proper handling of resources inside the company, allows you to reduce production downtime and is more and more often an element of the maintenance strategy. Thanks to the 3D printer, we have the ability to quickly print spare parts or frequently wearing parts of machines and production lines – in an unlimited amount and exactly when the need arises. It has taken several hours to print a given part. Effect? Reduction of downtime during the implementation of individual projects and delays resulting from waiting for the desired tools, parts and subsequent versions of prototypes.

See the video of the possibilities offered by the industrial Omni 500 LITE printer:

Link YT:

Get started with an industrial 3D printer

Find out how much you can save by enriching your company’s production processes with industrial 3D printing!Omni3D specialists will analyze your existing solutions and show you where you can save time and money by implementing 3D printing. Will it be faster prototyping, production line improvement, replacement of traditional 3D-printed tools, or the use of 3D-printed spare parts? The possibilities are impressive!

Free 3D printing audit

If you do not yet know how 3D printing can reduce time and costs in your company, contact Omni3D and you will receive a free audit to determine the purposefulness and profitability of using 3D printing in a given company. The audit covers: analysis of the current situation, defining change goals, determining savings related to the implementation of a 3D printer and estimating the return on investment.

Contact us and get more information –


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