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Category: Knowledge, 02.09.2020

How does the 3D printer implementation process look like?

Implementation of 3D printing technology is an opportunity to significantly increase the company's innovation, competitiveness and maintain its market position. After choosing the right 3D printer, the practical aspect remains - what is the process of implementing a 3D printer in the company?

Choosing the right 3D printer for your business is not an easy task. The question of what is the difference between an industrial 3D printer and a desktop, home 3D printer was answered by Chief Technologist Omni3D Krzysztof Kardach. How does their practical implementation process look like in the company?

A 3D printer adapted to the needs of the company

It’s no secret that depending on the purpose of the printer, the implementation process of this printer also differs. Already at the moment when the customer speaks about his production needs we adjust the appropriate 3D printer to this and apply a different implementation process. Therefore, the implementation process must include a package of detailed information from the customer. What kind of information? More on this subject is told by Jacek Krzyżanowski, Omni3D Key Account Manager:
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During the implementation of the 3D printer, we offer service support in the installation of 3D devices together with training in the use of the machine.
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