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Omni3D Filament Flow Control™

Many people think that 3D printing is a really simple matter ... and they are partly right, because just extruding the material and applying it layer by layer is not a demanding process. The stairs begin when we want to print complex geometries and from various materials. In this situation, the head that heats the filament to a certain temperature and applies the material according to the given path is not enough.

This need was a generator of changes in 3D printing, changes that were initiated by industrial 3D printers and industrial filaments for printing. Where did the name „industrial” 3D printers come from?

For at least two reasons. The first is that the broadly understood industry and all kinds of production companies are the recipients of this type of printers. The second reason, on the other hand, is that in industrial printers we use a number of systems that allow us to work on a completely different level. These systems can be compared to systems that are installed in cars, which are also to provide us with safety and the highest quality experience. One such system is the Omni3D Filament Flow Control, as the name says it is a system that allows you to control the flow of filament.
Why is it so important and what is it for? This system ensures precision and dimensional repeatability. Thanks to special encoders, the system counts the amount of filament fed and compares it with the given amount in .gcode. When the discrepancies are too large, the printer informs the operator about it.



Another benefit of this system is the fact that the printer, unlike desktop printers, not only knows if the filament is there or not. Only exactly, she knows how much material she has extruded, and thanks to this knowledge, we are able to plan the time, for example, to replace the bobbin with a new one for large-size printing.

To sum up, an industrial 3D printer is a system of connected vessels that work together for the success of printing a given model, like a team in any team game. One of such systems is Omni3D Filament Flow Control, which watches over the quality, but also over our budget, time and nerves, because it is able to detect the lack of filament, its jams and all undesirable activities that may happen to the filament during printing . All these random events that can happen cause our prints to end up in the trash and we only waste time and money. That is why the systems that are successively implemented by Omni3D are dedicated to companies that focus on quality, reliability and safety.

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