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Omni3D Platform Autoleveling System™

Platform Autoleveling System is one of the most important systems in modern 3D printers.

Printers working in FDM technology print an object on a so-called work platform, i.e. a flat, horizontal plane or, in other words, a table. Correctly leveling the 3D printer table is one of the first things that must be done before printing, and it is also a necessary step in obtaining a successful printout.

So what is a 3D printer table leveling? This is nothing more than striving for the state in which the 3D printer nozzle will be at the same distance in the Z axis from the build plate, regardless of the position of the print head in the X and Y axes.

Leveling a large surface (platform) is a demanding task, which in Omni3D is developed by studying the flatness trends of the table. Automatic platform leveling, which is included in the Omni3D printers, is performed thanks to the system of 3 Z axis motors. Omni3D printers independently and automatically perform the measurements necessary for proper printing. The head is moved to selected places and measures the distance to the working platform. Measurement is done by testing the height of the platform with the nozzle tip itself, and not with a similar sensor, thanks to which the leveling is more precise and there is no need to carry out additional calibrations of the height difference between the height of the sensor and the nozzle after changing the head.


Manual calibration of the build plate is possible, but it is a time-consuming and tedious process, as it sometimes has to be repeated after a few prints.

The automatic table leveling system significantly facilitates the operation of the 3D printer, as it allows the printer to accurately level the build plate without the need for manual calibration. Thanks to this system, we get high printing precision, the possibility of immediate printing and definitely easier operation for less experienced users.

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