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Remote 3D printer management

Conveniently preparing and starting the printout on a 3D printer, the ability to monitor and make changes to the print progress and share projects with your team - these are just some of the possibilities offered by integrating the camera and managing the Omni500 LITE printer remotely.

The 3D printer preview and remote management over the network allows you to easily prepare the temperature in the printer and upload files for printing without physically approaching the machine. By integrating the camera into the Omni500 LITE printer, you have the ability to monitor print progress, but also to make temperature changes or interrupt the printout in case of unforeseen errors.
Remote access from a browser (whether from a laptop, phone or other networked device) is a great convenience for users who want to control the printout remotely and share the project with a specific group of colleagues.
The Omni500 LITE printer is equipped with an event logging system, including a 3D print end message.

The development of 3D remote printer management technology is farm management. A 3D printer farm is a number of machines connected together in a network, which can exchange information about their status or readiness to print.

More about the possibilities of remote management of a 3D printer – Krzysztof Kardach, Omni3D Chief Technologist (movie with subtitles):

What should you know about Omni500 LITE?

  • Industrial 3D printer, which prints big elements or a few smaller ones at the same time – build volume is 460 x 460 x 600 mm.
  • Machine equipped with WiFi and Ethernet connection
  • Is equipped with dual heads which make it possible to print on both sides of a fabric during one printout, the main build and the support material.
  • The printer can be managed through a dedicated website, so you can easily start printing and control the process remotely.
  • 3D print preview (wide-angle camera)
  • Automatic platform calibration
  • HMI panel (protection against unauthorized access)

Want to know more about 3D printing capabilities on Omni500 LITE?
Order 3D printing on demand from Omni3D or contact us and ask for details!

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