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START with 3D printing

It has only been two months since the premiere of the OmniSTART, Omni200 and Omni200 (CF) printers in our online store and we can safely say that these products enjoy a lot of interest. They are used not only in industry, but also in education. We gain especially valuable experience thanks to lessons conducted for high school students.

Author: Cezary Wilczyński

The pandemic situation forced many educational institutions to switch to distance learning. Paradoxically, it created an opportunity for us, the opportunity to conduct workshops related to 3D printing. At the beginning, we had a few concerns – will it be an interesting topic for them? Will the online presentation form appeal to their tastes? It turns out that we have collected very good references from teachers and students who had the opportunity to learn not only about the additive technology itself, but also specific solutions and applications of OmniSTART Printers. Together, we managed to go through a multimedia presentation and a virtual showroom, as well as to run the device for the first time.

Workshop participants had the opportunity to learn about the printer’s properties that translate into the final result, i.e. the printout. First of all, we are talking about a stable, steel structure, a working area of ​​200 x 200 x 150 mm or remote management. The greatest curiosity, however, aroused what we could potentially print. We presented models of handles, figurines, cups, connectors and the human heart. The competition we developed for the workshop was very positively received. Namely, the students were given a week of time to independently design or find projects on the Internet that aroused their interest. The models selected by us were printed for the winners.


As experience shows us, 3D printing in education has enormous potential. It is the basis for the development of creative thinking among pupils and students and develops technical skills. Supplying educational institutions with 3D printers contributes to increasing teaching resources and increasing their prestige.

Does your school also want to START with 3D printing? If so – please contact me!


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