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When and why is it worth outsourcing 3D printing services?

If You are just getting started with 3D printing technology, considering buying a 3D printer for your business, or just want to see the possibilities of this technology - it is worth to outsourcing the project and 3D printing to companies that specialize in it every day.

Ordering 3D printing belongs to outsourcing services, which means ordering a particular service in external company. In Omni3D we print both prototypes and fully functional final 3D elements – check out  3D printing on demand offer.

Testing 3D Printing Technology

Thanks to the possibilities that 3D printing gives to us, we can compare the technology and properties of materials by producing one element. That’s called a reference 3D printout. Buy example: customer orders to print five different boxes, with five different materials: PLA, PET-G, ABS, Nylon, and PPS (see the possibilities of filaments from Omni3D).This was made to test several design solutions and print a prototype. Everything to decided which will be the best.

Show me your 3D printout and I’ll tell you how good your 3D printer is

It is a sentence that’s hard to disagree with! Reference 3D printing is the best way to represents the 3D printer’s capabilities, 3D printing repeatability and material solutions.

See video: Cezary Wilczyński, Sales Manager Omni3D answers the question „When and why to outsource 3D printing” (EN/DE subtitles):

3D printing on demand saves time and production costs

Is it worth to outsourcing 3D printing? According to the Sculpteo 2020 report (The State of 3D printing) over 60% of companies using 3D printing see a significant cost reduction of producing a single part. Our case-study confirms it!
Read how we helped Luk-Plast by printing vacuum pumps reducing cost and production time!

In you want to know more about 3D printing?
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