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Can metal components be replaced with 3D printed CF?

3D printing technology gives us the advantage of cost reduction and makes the production time shorter. The 3D printing materials that are available on the market create the possibility to replace even the hardest components on the production lines. So it's no surprise that it's possible to replace metal parts with 3D printing. Today, we will answer the question: why You should choose 3D printing?

3D printing in order to replace metal parts

It is no longer only large industrial 3D printers that can printing from metal replacement materials. Omni3D’s desktop printer, the Omni200 CF, which reaches a temperature of 400°C of the nozzels, is the best solution for customers who demands smaller prints and that are still keeping to industrial standards. What are the benefits of 3D printing in order to replace metal?

  • cost reduction
  • time saving
  • quick reaction to production downtime
  • reducing the weight
  • creative production of geometrically complex parts

What is the best material to replace metal in 3D printing?

The most universal material used in such cases is nylon with the addition of carbon fibre. This material is mainly characterized by high fatigue strength, good impact strength and it is also resistant to corrosion.
Characteristics of this filament include a heat deflection temperature up to 160°C and good chemical resistance.

CF-PA-12 filament from Omni3D is a carbon fibre reinforced polyamide 12 (PA 12) composite. The carbon fibre content results in a 2.5 times higher tensile strength compared to the popular ABS-42.
These features allowed us to make 3D print parts that are strong, stiff and lightweight at the same time.

See examples of applications in which 3D printing replaces metal – Michał Kowalczyk, Senior Sales Manager Omni3D with English subtitles:

The CF-PA-12 filament is supported by an industrial series of 3D printers from Omni3D:
Factory 2.0, Factory 2.0 NET, Omni500 LITE.
and a desktop 3D printer  Omni200


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