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Category: Knowledge, 16.02.2021

Omni3D virtual showroom

The pandemic has forced many companies to transfer sales and communication with customers to the virtual world of the Internet. Year of 2020 forced a lot of enterprenaurs to focus on creativity and marketing activities that would allow for uninterrupted contact with customers at this exceptional time. In response to these needs, Omni3D provides a virtual showroom inviting customers to the world of 3D printing

The Omni3D company, a producer of industrial 3D printers, launches a unique 3D printing showroom – in a virtual form. Thanks to the 360° camera technology, we can see in detail all the products offered by the company, from printers, through filaments, to finished prints

Entering the showroom we have the opportunity to carefully inspect 3D printers, read their full technical specifications and even see the inside of the machine, getting to know the details, checking the weight and the way of their work. In the showroom we will find not only the well-known large-format industrial printers, but also new products introduced by Omni3D:

  • desktop printers: OmniSTART, perfect for people who are just planning to start their adventure with 3D printing and
  • Omni200, which is perfect for smaller prints, even from demanding materials such as CF.

Omni3D desktop printers meet the needs of demanding customers who expect simple and quick machine operation. Both are perfect for both industrial and home use. See our Showrooom:

By walking into the Showroom you can see everything, you can read about all points that are key for the printers – you can even go inside to see how the printer is constructed, how heavy it is, why industrial printer is a future of the industry.  By using the tool you have a chance to go into our world. Our resellers will have a chance to get something without getting something. Omni3D’s Virtual Showroom is something that changes everything by giving you a possibility to see what we are proud of. Definitely it makes the big world smaller – and fit it into your computer – everything to be closer to you and to give you a bit of reality …. virtual.

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