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Omni200 / Omni200 (CF) – desktop solution from Omni3D

Metal housing, accuracy, speed, build volume enabling the printing of smaller elements - these are only some of the features of desktop 3D printers Omni200 / 200 (CF) from Omni3D. Most importantly, their high quality is also accompanied by an attractive price.

For whom is the Omni200 / Omni200 (CF) 3D printer recommended?

Both the Omni200 desktop 3D printer and its version of the Omni200 (CF) are devices that were created for customers who need a simple and quick-to-use machine for printing smaller elements, while maintaining industrial standards. The machines differ from each other, among other things, in the maximum temperature of the head, and thus in the materials for which they are adapted. The Omni200 achieves a head temperature of 260 ° C and the Omni200 (CF) version 400 ° C. These parameters allow for 3D printing from industrial materials such as ABS-42 or ASA-39, and in the case of the Omni200 (CF) version, from carbon fiber reinforced CF PA-12 filament.

Desktop 3D printer Omni200 and Omni200 (CF) – what should you know?

  • These are industrial devices that print smaller elements – the working area of ​​the printers is 200 x 200 x 200 mm.
  • The body of the printers made of aluminum alloy ensures the machine stability and prevents it from vibrating, even when printing with a speed of up to 100 mm / s. Thanks to this, at such a high speed of work, it is possible to maintain high accuracy and quality of print.
  • A removable, magnetic overlay is placed on the surface of the printing table. Thanks to its high flexibility, it is very easy to remove printouts after work. This operation does not require any additional tools.
  • The extruder is made entirely of the highest quality aluminum, thanks to which its operation is more stable and more precise.
  • Communication can take place via Wi-Fi, USB stick and USB cable
  • The printers have automatic leveling functions and allow you to resume printing after power loss

Why choose Omni3D?

Omni3D is a Polish manufacturer of 3D printers, operating in Poland and abroad since 2013. A team of over 30 specialists is constantly looking for better and better solutions and systematically implements them. By choosing Omni3D, you can be sure that we will not only train the team, but also provide professional technical support along with the best possible warranty and post-warranty service. We always provide good advice and strive for the full satisfaction of our clients.

The printers are now available for sale in our online store
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