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Category: News, 07.06.2022

Omni3D at TCT 3SIXTY in Birmingham

We are coming back to TCT 3Sixty – together with Concurrent Design Group - showing Industrial 3D Printers. The show starts on the 8th of June – You can visit Us at Stand L78.

From 2016 when we start to work with CDG in UK – thanks to wonderful activity of Grant Cameron and the team from Alton we have a chance to place Our printers at many customers. We are proud of having the machines in Lotus, GE, Siemens, Bae Systems, ProDrive, Lazer Lamps, Clements Engineering … and many more.

This year we will show You:

Omni3D Factory 2.0 NET – our top printer with 2 heads and more then 142l of printing Volume. Please come to see:

  • Omni3D Head Leveling Control™ –with fast controlling of offset and automatic leveling of both extruders it would be easy to work with the printer and have the higher level of repeatability
  • Omni3D Platform Autoleveling System™ – with accuracy at Z less then 1micron – and special ceramic glass – with proved flatness – the leveling system is perfect for those who need a printer for high accuracy printing.
  • Omni3D Cooling System™ and Filament flow sensor – with a chance to feel the process of 3D printing at the highest possible level it gives to the user a possibility to control the volume of the filament that flows thought the nozzles.
  • Omni3D Air Circulation System™ – with this system Omni3D 3D Printers can create an environment that makes process of printing and drying more predictable. This is a chance for a creators to get exactly this what they have on the screen of its computer.

And Omni3D Omni500 LITE – with the information about new 2022 Upgrade – with a special price for the shown machine!

Please come to see – the 3D printer with more then 126l of printing volume and close environment that gives a chance to control the process at higher level.

OMNI500 LITE is equipped with:

  • Omni3D platform Leveling – the same like in the printer above with accuracy at Z less then 1micron – and special ceramic glass – NOW with MASH bed compensation that creates a map of printing surface and compensate all inequalities during the process.
  • NEW Update 2022 – Omni3D Auto heads leveling – with this system the repeatability of Your production is easy. Adjusting Offsets and leveling of both heads takes just a few minutes . Thanks to new features You can create more complicated shapes then in the preview version.

And many more!
Let’s meet at TCT 3SIXTY!

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